Taiwanese American Museum


A Dream of a Taiwanese American Museumoil on canvas, 36”(w) x 24”/by Susan Hsiu-fang Liu

Our Dream, a Taiwanese American Museum, can be accomplished with your strong support.



從1950 年代開始,咱台美人到美國留學已有六、七十年。從留學生身份,經過各種不同的生活方式,在美國打拼,成為美國人。現在的第一代移民,很多已是退休族群,並有第三或第四代子孫,散居在美國各角落,在各地的社區生根、成長,成為美國社會的中堅份子。估計台美人總數可能超過百萬人。 

為了要保存咱台美人的特色,要給子孫瞭解咱移民的經過,台美人博物館基金會已積極從事收集、整理及詮釋台美人的歷史、記錄咱走過的路。其中的 一個計劃是以藝術的方式來描述咱走過的路,從留學、移民到退休。我們希望許多台美人藝術家能應用他們的創造力及個人的人生經驗,把過去六、七十年的生活片段、感想、走過的腳跡,用油畫或其他方式表現出來,讓我們收藏在台美人博物館。 希望有興趣的藝術家跟我們聯絡,好讓我們提供您進一步的資訊。基金會會以合理的報酬來感謝您。

Dear Taiwanese Americans,

Since 1950, thousands of Taiwanese people immigrated to America to pursue graduate level educations and to pursue a better life. We have spread all over the United States and worked hard in our studies, which allowed us to gain different job opportunities and life experiences. We have made significant contributions in various professional fields and within our communities. America is currently estimated to have more than one million Taiwanese Americans.

Since many of the first generation Taiwanese Americans have now retired, we need to be able to preserve our unique Taiwanese American culture and continue it with support from the third and fourth generations. In order to do this, we need to let the younger generations know about our past experiences.

The Taiwanese American Museum Foundation has been actively recording, organizing, and interpreting the history of Taiwanese Americans. Our current foundation project is to collect art that tells the story of our journey from graduate studies to the professional world, to retirements. We hope many Taiwanese American artists will help us by using their creativity and life experiences to transform the fragments, impressions, and steps of Taiwanese American lives into various forms of art. Please contact us so you can get involved. There will be reasonable compensation as a token of our appreciation for your cooperation.


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