The Diplomat Interview: The Past and Future of US-Taiwan Relations: A Conversation With Lung-Chu Chen (陳隆志教授)


The Diplomat’s Shannon Tiezzi spoke with Lung–chu Chen, Professor of Law Emeritus at New York Law School and a former senior research scholar at Yale Law School as well as the author of The U.S.-Taiwan-China Relationship in International Law and Policy. 

The first order of business for Taiwan should be to rectify its name. In practical terms, if China continues to oppose Taiwan’s efforts to normalize its status, then a democratic solution is to hold a plebiscite on the question in full view of the world community.

It is time for the world community to take a principled stand in favor of self- determination and human dignity for Taiwan. Every effort must be made to present a case to the conscience of all humankind.

the United States, Taiwan, and China all have a role to play in building a world order based on human dignity and human security. What is good for Taiwan should be, and is, good for the world community as a whole.



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